Shekinah The Night of Prevailing Prayers quotes with Apostle Philip Cephas

Power Packed Life Changing Prayer  Quotes And Prayer Declarations From Apostle Philip Cephas and
Quotes From Shekinah, The Night Of Prevailing Prayer With Apostle Philip Cephas

1. A day without Prayers is dangerous for a spiritual man.

2. Please dont just only talk about Prayer, ensure you are Praying daily.

3. Dont just only preach about Prayer, also ensure you are truly Praying.

4. I hope you know your life depends upon much Prayer for survival also.

5. You would be so confuse in this life, if you dont Pray and Pray enough.

6. Surely you need money but you also need Prayers to survive, else you may not even leave long to enjoy your money in time.

7. The end product of Prayer is mostly power.

8. No man that has ever walked with God effectively well, that has not Prayed before.

9. You cannot separate accurate evangelism from intercessory Prayer.

10. If you dont make Prayer a big deal, you will soon become a casualty of spiritual warfare.

11. Prayer is basically consistency.

12. No matter how intelligent you are, without spiritual intelligence, you will become an illiterate.

13. Prayer is directly proportional to strength in God.

14. Without consistency, you will never last long in Prayers.

15. What Prayer would do for you, wisdom may never do it, and what wisdom would do for you, Prayer may not do it also. As you Pray, apply the wisdom of God.

16. Prayer has nothing to do with your feeling, it is a choice added by the Holy Spirit. Whenever Prayer is demanded, you may not even feel like Praying most times.

17. Prayer is like a drug, it will heal you from every kind of spiritual infirmities.

18. Prayer has never killed anyone before in history.

19. Nobody dies in the place of Prayer.
20. If you are not Praying, you are wrong.
21. Your life will always look like a failure, until you begin to Pray.
22. Effective Prayer can guarantee victorious living.
23. Without sufficient Prayers, you will be deform as a believer.
★ Prayer is Innocent.
★ I Believe In Prayer.
★ I Love Prayer.
★ I Am Guilty Of Praying.
★ I Will Pray Prayer.
★ I Am Prayer Personified.
★ I Will Continue To Pray.
★ Prayer Is My Love Language.
★ I Pray For A Living.
★ I Will Keep Praying.
★ If I Die, I Die Praying.
★ I Die There.
May God help us all
Much love

Apostle Philip Cephas  is  a  seasoned  apostolic  and  prophetic teacher of the gospel of Truth. He  is  a  man  of  love,  wisdom, revelation  and  prayer.  He  is  centered  on  effective balancing  of  Kingdom  principles,  doctrine  and  revelations to  equip  the  Body  of  Christ  apostolically  and  prophetically into  its  full  manifestation  of  Christ.  His  love  for  the  Body  of Christ  is  endless.  This  drive  has  led  him  to  evangelize  and conduct  outreach  programs in  different  cities  and  villages  so as  to  reach  the  lost  souls  and  administer  the  gospel  of  Christ within  those  environments.  He  is  interested  in  raising  and mentoring  youths and adults in  prayer,  leadership,  influence, Relationship, Anointing and  investment.  He  is  also  a  prolific  writer.  He  has  authored many  books  such  as  The  prophetic  and  Vision,  Pathway  to The  Anointing, The vision of a great people, Roadmap  for  a  Weary  Sojourner  and  many others.  He  has  been  instrumental  in  the  revival  movement within  Nigeria.  He is  resident  in  Lafia,  Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

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I Am Philip Cephas, I Belong To God, I Represent An Eternal System, I Am Guilty Of Prayer, I Am A Man Who God Has Helped And He Is Still Helping.

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A man God helped is always better than a man that helped himself.
_ Apostle Philip Cephas

God blessings
May God help us all
Much Love
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Am an epitome of a being that is a man in heaven and a spirit on earth.. He still remain a mystery, enigma and riddle to many so also am i to many that has eyes but see not and ears but hear not. But as many as recieve him he change, transform and made to conform to his nature and likeness... So am i... When it please the LORD to reveal himself to man on earth he had to bring that which is his nature here on earth, so GOD took the word which was with him since before the foundation of the earth and put it in a vessel that look like man and it become possible for that nature to relate with man,, so it is called flesh... and these personality that is encapsulated to become flesh is the one called the son. Now since the son is the embodiment of the word which is the nature of GOD it became possible that all his thought are of GOD. By so doing he live among mortal men and show them how to relate with the word in him as GOD.. then he die and went back to heaven as a man and sat upon a throne in heaven controlling all things here on earth.. when he died he become the spirit of truth and he came back to dwell inside the vessels of them that believed that he came and live as the son on earth and died and resurrected back to heaven as a king. THE WORD AND THE SON That personality called the word is GOD and only it has the capacity and the potential to explain GOD while the personality called the son is the word becoming flesh and it has the ability to reveal GOD because he is the expression of GOD himself, which is holiness THE CAPACITY AND ABILITY OF THE WORD Since GOD sealed and hold everything by the power of his word and he created everything by his spoken word and everything come forth by his word and nothing ever came into being without him speaking it through his word. Then all things are sum into his word, if you have the word you can also unlock all that God has lock up in his word just as christ operate by the word and unlock things on earth, so also you can seal a thing on earth by the word, you can command things to be created by the authority of christ by the word. Elijah was a man like us but he commanded that the earth rain not until at the sound of his word.. but before he said that he identify with GOD authority and power saying IN THE NAME OF THE LORD IN WHOSE I AM AND IN WHOM I STAND and also the man name Elisha command beer to come and eat up those kids that laugh at him by the word and power of creation so also several people like daniel that commanded deliverance unto jacob through the agency of prayers. We can still unlock creation by the word and prayers even greater things we will do because jesus christ is risen from the dead and he is seated upon the throne for our sake.........WHO HAVE KNOWN THE MIND OF GOD THAT HE MIGHT INSTRUT HIM OR COUNSEL HIM BUT WE HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST JESUS SO CHRIST IN US CAN COUNSEL HIM. The word give us life and light of GOD making us to become like GOD at all time so that when GOD look upon us he see only christ and himself like in a mirror because the more of the word we become the more of GOD we be and live as GOD because we are totally influence by his nature.... although GOD is spirit but he has become flesh live and died and resurrected and given us his spirit so that we can become spirit to relate with him as a spirit and also have access to the heavenlly realm so as he does. The weapon of our welfare and warfare are not cannal but mighty through GOD by his word. When jesus was leaving he said i will give you the key of the kingdom of heaven which is his word and prayer many at times jesus told his disciple that some demons are casted out by prayer and fasting so prayer play an important role in our life as belivers..the word of GOD is our manuscript and a templet to live by if you have the word you have the templet of the whole earth and everything summit to it. BLESS THE LORD OH MY SOUL AND WORSHIP HIS HOLY NAME. Apostle Philip Cephas Is A Season Apostolic And Prophetic Teacher Of The Gospel, He Is A Man Of Love, Wisdom, Revelation And Prayer, He Centered On Effective Balancing Of Kingdom Principles, Doctrine And Revelations, Equipping The Body Of Christ Apostolically And Prophetically Into Its Full Manifestation Of The Christ. His Love For The Body Of Christ Is Endless, This Drive Him Into Effective Evangelism, Outreaches And Reaching Out To The Lost Souls. From Cities To Villages He Travel Preaching The Gospel Of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He Is Interested In Raising And Mentoring Youths In Prayer, Leadership, Influence, Anointing And Investment. He Is Also A Prolific Writer, He Has Author Many Books Such As Pathway To The Anointing, The Prophetic And Vision, The Vision Of A Great People Among Others. He Has Been Instrumental In The Revival Movement Within Nigeria, He Resident In Lafia, Nasarawa State

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